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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the same area. >> the latest on this developing story. also this morning, reason for redskins fans to finally celebrate. fox 5 morning news continues right now. t now. take a look at the washington monument as we get things started on this monday morning. lots of folk up early heading back to work after what was hopefully a great thanksgiving holiday weekend for you. today is monday, november 28th. we are glad you're with us. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tony perkins now. it is a nice day to get outside, work off the found because i think everybody is pulling out the stretchy pants today. >> still from thursday? >> yes. >> if you've got some work to do outside, today is a good day to do it. we'll have plenty of cloud cover so not a lot of bright sunshine which, in a way, is too bad. but temperatures in the upper 60s today. not a bad day. let's take a look at what is happening out there. we'll show you hd radar.
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just want to show you the rain system that is off to the west associated with the frontal boundary. still quite a ways away from here. i know there has been talk. i got questions over the weekend. is it going to rain monday? no, not today, not here. overnight, we'll get some rainfall coming through here. we do have relative humidity at 89%. wind are calm at this hour. look at the satellite-radar. you will see we've got plenty of cloud cover. this really started yesterday afternoon and during the overnight hours, those clouds thickened. could see some morning fog here and there this morning but i don't think too much in the way of dense fog. and as the day progresses, we'll see more clouds move in and that will lead us to maybe some rainfall during the overnight hours. but for today, cloudy, mild, highs in the upper 60s.
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look for a high of about 69 degrees in arlington. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> let's say hello to julie wright with the latest on traffic for us. >> so that is what they really ask you? they kept asking you about the rain? >> yeah, you had to say i've been off since wednesday so i don't know what the forecast is. >> they kept asking me, are you going to eat all of that? yeah. i ran my five miles before i sat down at the table. then i just kind of wobbled the rest of the way in. all right. here we go. back to work, back to school. eastbound on 66, we popped up the camera again for you. as you travel eastbound, we had the accident activity here before 123 tying up the two left lanes. now the activity out of roadway here. you can see it through the trees. it has been shoulder. we do have delays leaving 7100 headed eastbound towards the beltway. the beltway inner loop starting to slow at 236. northbound i-95 below speed as you work your way up towards the occoquan leaving the prince
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william parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we continue to follow a developing story this morning. another carjacking at a shopping center in wheaton. >> police believe the same man is targeting elderly men. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the carjacker seems to follow the same m. o.. he strikes in the parking lot here at wheaton plaza. the latest case, a 77-year-old man who was carjacked just outside the target store. the suspect appears to go after the elderly in the middle of the day and he uses a box cutter or a large knife. yesterday's carjacking comes after i asimilar case on saturday in the giant parking lot. police say a 60-year-old man was forced into his car at knife point, drove to a atm to withdraw cash. the suspect then stole about $380 and drove to a gas station in northwest d.c. he left the victim unharmed and walk tied
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metro station to escape. the first carjacking took place the day before thanksgiving also at the giant in wheaton plaza. in that case, a suspect went after a 75-year-old man. police say the suspect armed with a knife made the victim take out money from atms n that case, the victim was not hurt either. the carjacker got dropped off at i metro station? d.c. police say he escaped by bus or metrorail. investigators say the suspect description in all three cases appears very similar and they do believe it is the same man. the big concern right now is that this suspect appears to be growing more violent. in the latest case, that 77- year-old man was left, police say, in the passenger seat of the car. he had been cut with a box cutter and beaten in the face and head. that is the latest here in wheaton. back to you. >> all right. thank you. a look at the morning's other top stories now. a d.c. nightclub has been shut
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down while police investigate a deadly fight. this started inside the heritage india restaurant and club around 2:30 sunday morning. the fight spilled out onto connecticut avenue where three people were shot and three others were stabbed. 34-year-old yonte coleman was killed during the violence. police are hoping security cameras will help in the investigation. two women fighting for their lives after being pulled out of a burning home in hyattsville. flames were first reported on in the home on griffen street around 3:45 yesterday morning. medics resuscitated the two women who are still in critical condition. another woman was able to escape. a 6-year-old boy died. the causes of the fire still under investigate. remember the man suspected in the death of robyn gardner in aruba? he could go free tomorrow. he has been held since august.
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he maintained she was swept out to sea. relief for the familiar live yoko onotown university student arrested overseas. -- for the family of a georgetown university student arrested overseas. >> derek sweeney arrived in shoes late saturday night. he had been held in egypt for nearly a week after he and two other students were accused of throwing molotov cocktailed at police during anti-government protests. sweeney says his experience was frightening. >> it was very, very frightening especially that first evening is probably the most scary thing in my life. and they said they were going to shoot us if we moved and we spent about six hours the first night in nearly fetal position. >> sweeney goes on to maintain that the accusations against him are false. egypt is holding
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parliamentary elections today for the first time since president hosni mubarak was ousted in february. this weekend, thousands gathered in tahrir square in protest ahead of the elections. they continue their calls for the military to move i'm presidential election. at least 41 protestors have been killed in more than a week of demonstrations there. here at home, redskins fans have something to celebrate this morning. >> to helu. hurtles the man and he is still going. roy helu will score. no flags are down counted. >> redskins snapped that six- game losing strook with a win over the seahawks. yesterday, final score 23-17. we'll talk more about this coming up later this hour with dave ross. >> it is about time. >> finally. he is only eight years old and weighs more than 200 pounds. >> what courts have decided to do about his weight problem is sparking controversy this morning. we'll talk about that.
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another sex abuse scandal leaving a university shake and leading to the firing of a big name there. more after this. production.
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at least 11 people were killed in a suicide bombing at the gate of a prison north of baghdad. third major attack in about a week now. another high profile name in sports fired following allegations of sexual abuse. bernie fine has been fired as assistant coach of syracuse's men's basketball team. one of his alleged victims turned over a recording whraf he says is a phone conversation between himself and bernie fine's wife laurie in which he says laurie fine admits she is aware her husband abused him. also making headlines, an #- year-old who weighs more than 200 pounds taken away from his family and placed in foster care because social workers believe his mother was not
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doing enough to control that little boy's weight. officials in ohio say it was a case of medical neglect. attorneys for the boy's mother say the medical problems he could face because of his weight don't pose an imminent danger yet. coming up next, a big project at national harbor. >> first, a nice taste of spring on sunday. will we continue that on this monday ? we'll find out. we'll check in with tony perkins for our forecast.
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drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin'... iced coffee. i run on dunkin' iced coffee. america runs on dunkin' coffee. the capital christmas tree arrives in d.c. today. the 56-foot tall sierra white fir has been touring country in a specially fitted truck since it was cut down in california earlier this month. folks in standery's del ray neighborhood got a peek of it on saturday and signed a special banner that is sort of
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a national christmas card. the tree will be lit on december 6th. now, you might have spent part of your weekend decorating your own christmas tree. now, we need some help with the fox 5 5 christmas tree as well. can you send ornaments to the address there on your screen. -- can you send orange -- you can send ornaments to the address there your screen. >> there is the capitol there on the left side of your screen. >> i see a little bit of light too reflecting in the clouds. >> saw a lot of sunlight over the weekend, tony perkins. >> what a nice weekend. >> it really was a great weekend. extraordinary weather conditions around the area. set some records over the weekend in terms. high temperatures, lots of sunshine. judging from that picture, i think we'll see a decent sunrise. there is a lot of cloud cover
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out there. as you saw, a few rays of light. maybe a decent sunrise. i believe sunrise is at 7:04 this morning. that is what we'reliking for. speaking of yesterday and the weekend, take a look. high temperatures yesterday into the 70s. ooh, baby! reagan national got up to 72 degrees. that was in the a new record no the day, not at reagan national. dulles international got up to 70. that was a new record for the day. bwi marshall made it up to 71 degrees. current temperature, we're up to 53 degrees right now. temperature vary from the upper 40s to the low 60s. 47 in baltimore. 52 in quantico. 48 in manassas. off it our south and east, that is where we see some
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temperatures in the 60s. 63 63 in leonardtown. detroit, chicago, both in the 30s. that cooler air will make its way east answered but not today. we'll get another mild day. tomorrow will be more mild than normal although our temperatures slowly begin dropping today. by the middle part of this week, we'll get colder air in and some overnight lows in the 30s. a look at the satellite-radar composite you saw from the live shot, plenty of cloud cover. a deck of clouds out there this morning. we'll see a lot of cloud cover through the day today as that kind of gets embedded in the mid-atlantic and northeastern part of the country. the rain that is falling out to the west takes its time to get here. we don't start to get that until late tonight, perhaps during the overnight hours. so the forecast for today looks like this. mostly cloudy. another mild day. might not get into the 70s but i think a high in town of about 69 degrees. then for tonight, overcast, breezy, rain develops overnight. we being after 10:00, 11:00, midnight, something like that.
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it becomes breezy with winds out of the southeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, a rainy day tomorrow. we cool off but still that is well above normal at 62. wednesday, thursday, friday, it will be much cooler, highs only in the low 50s. that is where we should be but cold overnight with your lows in the 30s. that is what is happening with the weather. busy ride in virginia. we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox. headed eastbound on 66, we showed you the accident activity at 123 on the shoulder so the lanes are open. big delays right now eastbound on 66. headed past 7100 to the accident scene in vienna. let me take it inside. here is another big story.
6:20 am
this is northbound i-95 where have got most of the roadway involved. delays are starting to form out of woodbridge headed out to the scene. traveling in the hov lane, no incident to report there. southbound 270, not so busy out of germantown. ntown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. disney has pulled its plans for a resort at the national harbor area. it would have been a big economic boost. official with disfully say it is timing is just not right. plans to other new developments at national harbor continue to move forward though and that includes a new high-end outlet mall and more restaurants. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york to talk more about what turned out to be record setting sales on black friday. as we go to break right
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sit turnout on black friday did not disappoint retailers. if you plan on wrapping up the holiday shopping online today, you might not be able to do it from work. lauren simonetti joins us now. look like things are rebounding today. >> we have up for the first day in eight. this is excellent news no u.s.
6:25 am
stocks. dow futures are up today. the worst thanksgiving week since 1932. so we definitely need these green arrows we are seeing in morning. >> billion and billions and billions of dollars want through the cash registers and credit cards on friday. i see you as somebody who counts down to flak friday and cyber monday but apparently, you can't get those deals done. >> i actually tested fox and our computers let us online. but a survey by an it firm says for today, cyber monday, this is the biggest online shopping day of the year. 1.2billion expected to be rung up. 60% of cios said they will block access to many retail sites today for cyber monday so their employees concentrate on monday. about 25% of those cios said
6:26 am
they would watch out for excessive shopping online. hopefully, you are not at one of those companies. if you are, utah your smart phone or ipad to get your shopping done. yes, very interesting. people want you to work at work. >> good luck testing that internet connection the rest of the day today. >> area. i'll keep you posted on twitter. >> don't forget about your friends out here when it comes to the holidays. coming up, after six straight losses, redskins fans might not have had much hope this weekend. this morning, reason to celebrate and bump a few heads too. we'll talk more about the win over the seahawk coming up in our monday morning quarterback segment. three carjackings all in the span of a few days. all targeting similar victims. a suspect is still out there. we have an update coming up after this.  [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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a healthy maybey boy born at bwi airport. police, fire and rescue crews got a call about a woman in labor around 2:20 yesterday afternoon. the woman delivered the baby with the help of an officer shortly after she got off her night. it was born in a rest room in concourse d. mother and baby were taken to a nearby hospital. >> it is 6:30 right now on this monday morning. good news there. good news in the weather department. everything working out okay this weekend. >> not a bad day today. we've a got fine conditions outside right now. a lot of clouds around and today will be a decent day. not as pretty as last couple of days. all good thins must come to an end. >> all good things -- all good things must come to an end. >> i know. >> let's take a look out there. here is a look at the surface
6:31 am
map for today. a lot of clouds around today. as that frontal boundary gets close are, we see some rain move in here. that doesn't happen until late tonight in all likelihood after you've gone to bed. another mild day today. looking for highs today in the upper 60s, close to 70 degrees. about 69-degree downtown perhaps being maybe a couple of you will get to 70 or so but not a bad day on tap. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. today's question is about the behavior of dogs. >> interesting. >> well, we'll pay close attention to that. >> ettes le check in with julie wrighty in the meantime. >> all right. good morning to you. -- let's check in with julie
6:32 am
wright in the meantime. >> all right. >> good morning to you. northbound i-59 at the pohick road overpass, some traffic able to squeeze by. anticipate a slow go northbound headed from potomac mills to the occoquan in wood brim headed up to the scene of this -- in woodbridge headed up to the scene of this fire. a lot of people bailing out using route 1 as the alternate. no incidents to report right now if you are traveling in on 66. earlier problem at 123 has been cleared on the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following a developing story. a possible serial carjacker into maryland. >> there have been three elderly men attacked since last wednesday. sherry ly is live on the scene this morning. >> reporter: steve and care arc the suspect appears to be getting more violent. the latest victim was a 77-year- old man who was carjacked just outside the target store here
6:33 am
in wheaton plaza. this is the third carjacking here in less than a week. and this victim yesterday was cut with a box cutter and beaten. all three of those carjackings happened at the wheaton plaza shopping center in the daytime. on saturday, police say a 50- year-old was carjacked in the giant parking lot and forced to withdraw money from the atm. the suspect took the cash, about $308 and took off from a metro station in northwest d.c. the victim was not hurt. that came after another carjacking the day before thanksgiving. the suspect forced the victim into his car at knife point from the same parking lot at wheaton plaza. police say he made the 75-year- old drive to various atm machines to take out money. again, the carjacker took the money and got away at i ametro station in d.c. that victim was not hurt either. in the most recent case, the
6:34 am
suspect forced the victim to drive to hyatts villain made his escape. it was someone who was passing by who spotted the victim in the passenger seat of the car. he had been injured and they called police. at this point, police only have a general description of the suspect but in all three cases, the descriptions are very similar and investigators do believe it is the same man committing these crimes. that is the latest here in wheaton. sherry ly, fox 5 news. all right. something good to talk about finally in redskin land. a win for the redskins. dave ross here for monday morning quarterbacking. >> i don't know fay lot of people expected it to happen. >> i did. for the first time since this losing streak started, even when they were losing, i still felt like they were going to win the game. >> i asked on twitter. nobody believes. >> the first time i thought
6:35 am
they would come back. >> i think i had 24-14. >> close. >> we're not going to focus on the problem. >> i had the highlights cut and i eschewed this is no the day. it was a good day for get back into the win column. the big reason was the play of roy helu. we've been wait for the rookie to get some run. he got a lot it was yesterday. this is the highlight or at least one of the highlights of the four quart are. watch him with the leap and takes the hit. he is gone. make it look really easy. thing about helu when he was at nebraska, he was this type of player. he was a game changer, very explosive at nebraska. he is starting to show some of that here combining for 166 yards of total offense for a team that had not been able to run the ball at all in the last five weeks. so this really did kind of come out of nowhere. after the game, both roy, who is a little bit shy and rex, who is not so shy talked about
6:36 am
that great run you just saw. >> once i got the pitch, the first thing was i peripheralled theen and i seep that i could get around and actually right where their db was was the first down marker. i just wanted to make sure i got t i didn't care if the safety came over and killed me in the air. >> he was awesome today. he had some hard runs that aren't always on the high height reel but kept us in third and manageable or second and four. it was one of the most impressive republicans republican -- impressive runs i've ever seen. >> does rex have class in a few hours? >> i don't know if i like the
6:37 am
hat or not. >> looks like he is headed for prep school. >> the game is very chippy throughout. throwing the ball back at the defender. you can't do that. he did make up for to it later in the drive. watch him here. taking on a couple of guys. it is two or three tacklers right there. >> they're playing hard. >> they capitalize here with rex again for davis coming across. touchdown, made it look very easy. an aeight-minute drive to start off the game. good to see that they came out with guns ablazing a little bit and trying to get that offense jump started. rex with 314 yards, two touchdowns, two picks. 4-7. they got a lot of work. they got the jets coming in on sunday. but again, you saw it in the locker room after the game. talking to these guys, they are just fired up. they wanted a win so badly. seattle is a tough place to play and win so don't take it
6:38 am
way from them. coming up next, it is cyber monday. your e-mail box is probably full of the ads so far. it is the died they hope to lure you in that could be better than what you spent a lot of money in on black friday. we'll show you ho to you sort out the ledge its deals from those that really are too good for be true. that is coming up.
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many retailers offing special deals online today. this year, more than half of u.s. consumers who want a smart phone said they will be using that device for holiday shopping activities. >> they're trying to pull me in right now. before you log on, a word of caution. malwear targeting mobile devices are on the rise. time for a smart phone zone with lauren demarco. >> mcafee is out with its top 12 scams of christmas.
6:42 am
and this morning with us here is robert faciliano with mcafee. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> number one is mobile malware and something to be awareen here. mobile malware, if this somehow gets onto your phone, criminals get to you, what happens to your phone? >> it is just like a dominik hasek top. malware, spyware allows the bad guy to remotely control your device. they can actually make use of it and they can install spyware to get your user names, pass words an the within sites you visit. >> you think possibly androids are more at risk than other phones. >> androids are more at risk. the software is open source. that means anybody can create code. they are creating viruses that install on your android and it is very vulnerable to malware. >> that doesn't mean that apple product are not vulnerable but
6:43 am
and reid, you need to be even more careful. >> all digital devices are vulnerable at some level. androids more so. >> and then the other thing is qr codes. you sees these everywhere. they are on products these days and they are in magazines, on ads and these can be dangerous. >> quick response codes are just like any other digital link that goes somewhere. they are creating them with a link that downloads malware or a virus. the idea is to bridge the gap between print and virtual media. bad goes are putting sticks are on display cases that you scan and get avirus. >> i guess you need to have some sort of -- you need to have mcafee mobile security is designed to protect you from just that. >> okay. we can't go through all 12 things. we will put them online. but a few i want to mention, scare ware. >> that is just what it sounds like it is scary software when you click a link on your
6:44 am
browser, generally on a desk top, it sends up a pop-up that looks like it is anti-virus of some sort designed to protect you but in fact, if you download it, it will infact your pc ma much more. >> and another one is just the online coupons because today a lot of folks will be shopping online. >> all kind of scams out there. you might see a coupon in a web site on facebook or via an e- mail. you click on that coupon, it might bring to you a particular web site. the idea is to download your information. they want your user names, your pass words. they may try to send you spam. but ultimately, it is malware. the idea is to turn your data into cash. >> all right. so we want to look for some virus protection software, mcafee can do that for you. >> yeah, mcafee all access is designedded to protect all your digital devices. the idea is to have one comprehensive software to protect all your digital devices.
6:45 am
>> and also, you have a book out that we want to talk about real quick. >> the 99 things you wish you knew before your identity was stolen. it is 99 tips to protect your identity whether in the physical or the virtual world. >> all right. check that all out on just look on the morning page for the smart phone zone. robert, thank you so much. happy holidays to you. >> to you as well. >> back to you. tony is back with us with a look at our forecast. we had some nice holiday weather, didn't we? >> sure did. not bad at all. today, we start to get a change in here. we'll have a lot of clouds through the day today. let's take a look at your weather headlines. show you where you are headed for today and for the foreseeable future. the week does start warm. of course, the weekend, we were in the 70s. set a couple of records here and there including at dulles airport yesterday. today, i don't think we'll be in the 70s. maybe receipt up against 70 but still a very warm, mild start to the week. lots of clouds move in. they have moved in already and
6:46 am
we will have cloudy skies with us through the day today. some rain is on the way. not during the day but late tonight and certainly tomorrow. we might get through the entire day today without rain but maybe after midnight or around or after midnight, we'll get the showers developing. meanwhile, middle part of the week, sunshine returns. but cooler air returns as. we temperatures across the region, we are mainly in the 50s. there are some 40s and some 60s out there. 53degrees right now in washington. 5234 annapolis, dulles airport is at 53 degrees. it is 47 in baltimore. 48 in manassas. off to the south and east, 60s. 63 in leonardtown. we showed you -- or i talked about the cloud cover. here it is. you can see all across the area. nice little break in the clouds just to our south. i think sunrise today will be pretty. i mean it will be dominated by clouds but we'll get some rays breaking through so should make for a pretty sunrise and then clouds will dominate through
6:47 am
the day. those rain shoves showers off to the west remain -- those rain showers off to the west remain west. we'll get the rain if here late tonight and during the day tomorrow -- in here late tonight and during the day tomorrow. today, a high about 69 degrees in town. for tonight, more clouds. becomes a little breezy. late night rain develops. 55degrees for your overnight low. then for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, certainly looks to be a rainy day and a cooler day with a high only in the low 60s. 62degrees. then after that, the cool are air really work its way in. wednesday, thursday, friday, highs only in the low 50s. frankly, right now, over the weekend, i think your highs will only be in the 40s. and wednesday night, thursday night, friday night, overnight hoes in the 30s. so certainly colder air on the way. enjoy today. that is a look at what's happening with the weather. now, it is time for ask the weather guys. thank you very much.
6:48 am
the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. >> but tucker is not here today. >> he has a well-deserved day off. he is out. >> it is all that turkey. >> maybe that was it. today's question, i hope i pronounce this correctly. today's question cold from sherry ray shildnet. why do dogs circle around before they lie down. carly pointed out she could just look up the answer online but she and her mom think we are much more fun. >> i like that. >> i do too. that is great. >> you like that too. don't you? >> it's more personal this way. >> we can't say it's accurate. >> well, with try our best much like our forecast. >> before i go into the details and explain it to you, you do
6:49 am
not have a dog. you have a dog. have you observed this behavior? >> at first, as a younger dog, yes. as the dog gets a little bit old are, it just team to plop. >> that is not pricing. i didn't know this until doing this research. dogs are believed to be 99% identical genetically to their common and zest iron the weld wolf dogs -- ancestor, the weld wolf. dogs have been domesticated for a long time but some of their behavior is a holdover from when they were out in the wild. we don't know exactly why dogs circle around. among the theories -- there is a great picture of a dog circling down. >> is it going to lie down or
6:50 am
-- >> it might just be circling. >> just acrazy dog. >> we have another one. ## i think he has another problem. >> this dog may just be having some problems. but in the wild, dogs -- wolves circle around because -- >> nobody is listening. >> i'm getting days daysy. >> wolves frequently circle around because they are knit pack and they kind of circle around and pull inited to teeth for warmth -- and pull in tight together for warmth. they huddle up together. >> so that dog was just looking for the wolf pack. >> and dogs may do it for comfort. what they're doing real list tramping down if they were outside, the wild grass and kind of of making a little bed
6:51 am
for themselves. >> now, that makes sense. >> indoors, dogs don't have to do that. >> but it is ingrained. >> a lot of people say their dogs circle around their little doggie bed and get on the pillow and it is just held over. some people say it might be related to dogs cooling themselves off. wolves and some wild dogs before going to bet, they will circle around and dig up the dirt because if it has been hot out and the ground is warm, they get the cooler ground up and they lay down on that for comfort. these are theories. scientists don't know exactly why. if only those dogs could tell us. >> that is fascinating though. >> cool stuff. >> so carly and terry ray, you hope we answered that for you. we certainly enjoyed the video. if you've got a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. you can also upload your video question. >> my question is did the dog ever lay down.
6:52 am
is the video still going? >> that dog is still walking in circles. probably will for the rest of the show. >> check in with julie wright. >> beagle bailey does the same thing. he does a little nesting as well where he takes his front paws and digs into the ground there. >> see? >> even indoors, right? >> even indoors. >> probably just looking for food since you ate it all, julie. >> he knows where to find it on the couch. he'll find a cheeto. but $20, it's never happening. as you work your way north of lorton head up towards the pohick road overpass, we have the remains of that car fire. some traffic is able to get by to the left. big delays right now for you guys traveling out of dale city. leaving potomac mills headed northbound up towards the scene. it will be heavy, slow and
6:53 am
steady this entire trip. route one is slow as you work your way up to fort bell sukanya roy. the trip along southbound 270 leaving father hurley boulevard out towards germantown. the lanes here are open. we do have one accident to report if you are traveling out of upper marlboro. this will be northbound on 4 at 301. follow police direction to get by. we want to remind you about our annual stuff a truck campaign. we've been doing this for years. you've been agreat help over the years. we hope that continues as the viewers team up with us to collect truck fulls of nonperishable food items. it all goes to the capital area food bank. we do it all in one day. our stuff a truck is this friday from 6:00 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. so it is one long day and you can drop off your donations at the giant food locations you see here on the screen. brentwood in d.c., hyattsville station and montrose crossing in maryland and the greenbriar shopping center in virginia.
6:54 am
we hope to see you on friday. >> always a fun time every year. coming up in our next hour, looking for a little decoration inspiration? >> holly live at bell nursery in burr topsville top -- in burtonsville and she showing us some simple ways to get your home ready for the holidays. traditions are not for keeping. they're for keeping us together. ♪ [ boy ] to dad, love sam. [ mom ] say "merry christmas." [ boy ] merry christmas. [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. [ boy ] charlie brown spotted a small, scraggly pine tree. ♪
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good morning, everybody. now that thanksgiving is over, we are all about christmas. if you are having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit, take a look at where we are this morning. this will help you out a whole lot as we are live in bell nursery. as you can imagine, they know poinsett takes. they have a -- poinsettias. they have a few to share this morning. they provide the plants at home depot. they will provide us would lots of information about picking a poinsettia and taking care of a
6:58 am
poinsettia. get it to rebloom after the holidays and plants that are great for hosted -- hostess gifts. and we have a lady that handles the commercial accounts and she will teach us a thing or two about decorating as well. dare i say, sarah, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> that's right. it's a gorgeous sea of red. you fit right in there, holly. >> with a name like holly, you live large in the month of december. fan of the day is mrs. eloise beening worley. she turns 104 years old today. her son al nominated her to be fan of the day. she is an amazing person
6:59 am
blessed with longevity. search us for fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under mrs. worley's photo. allison is joining steve. coming up on this monday morning, another violent carjacking in a montgomery county shopping plaza that targets elderly men. the latest on the investigation into this scary trend in a live report straight ahead. >> expect 120 plus million americans to log on to go shopping today. it's cyber monday. this year is expected to top last year when they purchase chad 158 -- purchased 158 items per second. the redskins rally late against the seahawks to ends the longest losing streak in a decade. we will take a closer look with dave roth later. >> fox 5 morning news at 7:00


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